Philadelphia Giants


Philadelphia Giants
1902 season team photo

The Philadelphia Giants were formed in 1902 by Sol White, a black ball player, and H. Walter Schlichter, a white sports writer.

  • 1902 - The team finished 81-43-2 in their first year.
  • 1903 - They improved their record to 89-37-4.
  • 1904 - Rube Foster joined the team, they finished their season with a record of 95-41-6 and one their first Eastern championship.
  • 1905 - Record of 134-21-3, Eastern champs.
  • 1906 - Record of 108-31-6, Eastern Champs
  • 1907 - Fourth consecutive championship. Rube Foster leaves the team to begin his managerial career with the Leland Giants as a player-manager.
  • 1909 - Eastern championship again, but White & Schlichter part ways.  Team name continues on, but at a minor league level of play.

Andrew (Rube) Foster, pitcher for the Philadelphia Giants, from 1904 to 1907.

In 1904, Rube pitched the Philadelphia Giants to the Black baseball title, and recorded both victories in a best-of-three series against the Cuban X-Giants.

J. P. Hill, left fielder, Philadelphia Giants.

Chas. "Kid" Carter, pitcher, Philadelphia Giants, 1902 to 1905

Jas. Booker, catcher, Philadelphia Giants

Emmett Bowman, pitcher, Philadelphia Giants

Dan McClellan, pitcher, Philadelphia Giants