LeLand Giants


In 1901, Frank Leland combined the Chicago Unions with the Chicago Union Giants (1901-04).  In 1905, they were renamed the Leland Giants.

Rube Foster joined the Leland Giants and 1907, leading them to a 110-10 record, including 48 straight wins. In 1909, the Giants enter the tough integrated city league. In Foster's first eleven starts, he won eleven games, with four shutouts.

By 1910, the Leland Giants were the talk of the Midwest, but Foster and Leland parted ways with Foster retaining legal rights to the Leland Giants name. Foster chose to rename the team ‘American Giants’ for the 1911 season, while Lelands new team was named the Chicago Giants.

Photo: 1909 Leland Giants, Rube Foster on the far right, back row.

Photo: William. Brown, Assistant Manager, 1906 Leland Giants