Hilldale club of Darby, PA.
Hilldale Daisies
Darby Daisies

Inedpendent 1916-22 and 1930-31, ECL 1923-28
ANL 1929, EWL 1932

This team began as a “boys club” team but evolved into professional caliber in 1916. Their home base was Darby, Pa., a suburb of Philadelphia. In 1917, they Spottswood Poles in their lineup and posted a 23-15-1 record.  In 1923, they became charter members of the short-lived Eastern Colored League.

In 1923, they captured their first league championship. The next year the Giants lost the first Colored World Series to the Kansas City Monarchs in a 10-game series, but avenged their defeat the following year, beating KC in six games.

In 1929, the team was sold to John Drew, who owned a bus line from Darby to Philadelphia, PA.  He named the team the Darby Daisies, but the fans still considered them the Hilldale Daisies.