Wright, Burnis - Wild Bill


Wild Bill Wright was big, strong, and fast outfielder whose career spanned from 1932 to 1945.

  • 1932-34 Nashville Elite Giants
  • 1935 Columbus Elite Giants
  • 1936 Washington Elite Giants
  • 1938-39 Baltimore Elite Giants         
  • 1940-41 Mexican League
  • 1942 Baltimore Elite Giants
  • 1943-44 Mexican League
  • 1945 Baltimore Elite Giants
  • 1946-56 Mexican League

In 1939, he won the Negro National League batting title with an average of .488.

In 1943 he won the batting title, tied Ray Dandridge for the league lead in RBI’s, and edged out Roy Campanella by one homer to lead the league in home runs.  He also almost won the stolen base crown, but fell short by one.

During his playing days in the Mexican League, Bill consistently batted in the .300 range.