Wickware, Frank


Right handed pitcher for: 1910-25 Leland Giants, St. Louis Giants, Philadelphia Giants, Mohawk Giants, Lincoln Stars, Chicago American Giants, Brooklyn Royal Giants, Detroit Stars, Norfolk Stars, New York Lincoln Giants.

Wickware was a hard-throwing Negro League pitcher who broke in with the 1910 Leland Giants, a team reported to have had an incredible 123-6 record.

In 1912, he went 10-4 to lead the Cuban Winter League in wins, pitching for a team that won only 14 games. In exhibition games in 1913 and 1914, he had three celebrated pitching duels with Hall of Famer Walter Johnson, winning two of the battles. He went 2-2 for the Chicago American Giants in the 1915 Black World Series, completing three of four starts and allowing eight runs in 30 innings.