Walker, Welday


Born: June, 1859 in Steubenville, OH
Died: November 23, 1937 in Steubenville, OH

Welday Walker, who along with his brother, Moses Fleetwood Walker, became the second and third U.S. Negros to play in a white league (Bud Fowler was first) and the first black players to play in the major leagues.

In 1881, Welday Walker and his brother Moses Fleetwood Walker joined Oberlin College's first varsity baseball team.

In 1883, Welday, a catcher, signed with the Toledo Blue Stockings of the Northwestern League. A year later the Blue Stockings join the American Association, which was considered a major league. Welday Walker played in six games. Until 1947, the Walkers were the only black players ever to play in the major leagues.