Rogan, Joe - Bullet


Born: July 28, 1889
Deceased: March 4, 1967

"Bullet" Rogan was a star for the Kansas City Monarchs for almost twenty years. The right-hander used a no-windup delivery, a sidearm motion, and always kept the ball down. In addition to his basic pitches, he also threw a forkball, palmball, and spitter.

Joe Rogan, the 15th Negro Leagues player inducted into the Hall of Fame (1998).

Rogan's son, Wilber, accepted on behalf of his father, who died in 1967. Wilber Rogan spoke proudly of his father's ability to pitch and hit.

"The two questions I get all the time are how he got his nickname Bullett and who was fastest — him or Satchel Paige," Wilber Rogan said. "I always answered that I really don't know.

"I do know that Satchel need a designated hitter when he was on the mound. When dad was on the mound, he was batting cleanup."