Miller, Raymond

Born: Oct. 8, 1927 - Lebanon Junction, Kentucky.
Died Nov. 18, 2004

Ray was a lefty who played from 1943 to 1955:

  • 1943-45 Alabama Zulu Cannibals
  • 1944 Indianapolis Clowns
  • 1945 Louisville Black Colonels
  • 1945 Birmingham Black Barons
  • 1947-1954 Detroit Stars and Kansas City Monarchs
  • 1955 Drafted by Cincinnati Reds
  • Born in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky, Miller first played for the local Lebanon Junction Hustlers as a teen-ager. He played for a couple Louisville-area semi-pro teams until signing with the touring Alabama Zulu Cannibal Giants team. He played for the Negro League Indianapolis Clowns and Louisville Black Colonels for the next two seasons before signing with the Birmingham Black Barons in 1945. He spent two years in the United States Navy before being discharged in 1946. He signed with the Detroit Black Sox and went back and forth between that team and the Kansas City Monarchs from 1947-54.

    He signed with the Cincinnati Reds in 1955 and trained with Red minor leaguers in Cuba. He played with the Reds' Texas League farmclub for one season.