Hoskins, David


Born: Aug. 23, 1925
Died: April 2, 1970

Dave Hoskins, a Mississippi native, came to Flint, Michigan in 1936. Dave spent many successful seasons in the Flint City League, where he compiled outstanding hitting statistics. Dave's performance in the Flint League helped to win him a position in the Negro Professional League. He played with the Ethiopian Clowns, Homestead Grays and the Cincinnati Clowns.

In his three years with the Grays (1944-46) he hit .355, .341, .317, and was the Grays best pitcher in 1945. This was the beginning of his good fortune. In April of 1945, try-outs were sought with the Boston Red Sox and Boston Braves of the Major Leagues. Black players chosen for the try-outs were, Dave Hoskins, Sam Jethro and Jackie Robinson, but an injury prevented Dave from making the trip for the try-outs.

In 1947 Dave returned to Flint and was selected in the City League as the All-Star Outfielder against the Detroit Tigers. He became the outstanding hitter of the game with three hits.

In 1952, Hoskins became the first Black to sign and play in the Texas League with the Dallas Eagles. He was the leading pitcher on the team with 22 wins and 10 losses, and was the leagues first Black Ulster pitcher. His performance was described by sports writers as phenomenal, magnificent and magical.

In 1953 Dave pitched for the Cleveland Indians in the American League. He won 9 and lost 3 games in 26 appearances.

He was inducted into the Flint Greater Hall of Fame in 1983.