Doby, Larry

Born: December 13, 1924, Camden, South Carolina
Died: June 18, 2003

Elected to Hall of Fame by Committee on Baseball Veterans: 1998

Doby batted .301 in 1948 to help the Indians to the World Series. Once there, he won Game Four with a home run and was part of the last Indians title team.

Though he won a World Series title seven years before Jack Robinson, it was the four-month lead Robinson had in integrating Major League Baseball that cast a huge shadow over Doby's career. Doby was a fine hitterer and outfielder, leading the AL in slugging, OBP, runs, homers (twice), and RBI.

A true pioneer, Doby was the first African-American to play in the American League, first to lead his league in homers, first to hit a World Series homer, and the first to win a World Series title.