Thomas T. Willson


Born: 1883
Died: May 17, 1947

Thomas T. Wilson helped to form the semi-pro Nashville Standard Giants in 1918 and guided them to build a strong reputation throughout the South.

In 1921, the club was renamed the Elite Giants as the team’s success and popularity continued to grow.

By 1928, Wilson was ready to move his Elite Giants into the national arena and made several attempts to gain entry into the Negro National League and the Southern Negro League, the two leagues of the time.

In 1930, Wilson had the opportunity to join the Negro National League. Unfortunately, the league disbanded the following year but Wilson kept his team alive by joining the Southern Negro League in the 1932 season.

The Negro National League was reincarnated in 1933 and the Elite Giants rejoined the league for two additional seasons in 1933-34. Due to a declining economy, Wilson was forced to move the club to Columbus (1935), then Washington (1936-37), and Baltimore (1938-47).

Wilson also served Negro baseball as a league officer for both the Negro Southern League and the Negro National League.