Negro Leaguers Remembered

1997 U.S. Commemorative Dollar

In honor of Jackie Robinson and the 50th Anniversary of breaking the color barrier.

Negro League players Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige, and Jackie Robinson are featured on United States Postage Stamps.

In total, the 20 baseball players that were honored on the 33¢ Legends of Baseball stamps are all members of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame and were among the 100 nominees for the All-Century Team chosen by fans and baseball experts during 1999.  Issue date - July 6, 2000; Atlanta, Ga. DESIGN: illustrator -- Joseph Saffold, Savannah, Ga.; designer, typographer and art director -- Phil Jordan, Falls Church, Va.; modeler -- Joseph Sheeran, Ashton Potter (USA) Ltd. "Legends of Baseball," All Century Team logo, "CLASSIC COLLECTION," ©USPS 2000";USPS item No.5603.

Wheaties Cereal honors the Negro Leagues