Febuary 14, 2006

FEB. 14, 2006

For Immediate Release
Contact: Jessie Nagel

BASEBALL DOCUMENTARY THE BASES ARE LOADED COMES TO DVD: National Baseball Hall of Fame Legend Monte Irvin Returns to Cuba After 50 Years

Los Angeles, CA – (February 14, 2006) -- As the countdown continues to the World Baseball Classic Finals (San Diego March 3-20th 2006), 4th Street Films is proud to announce the DVD release of the compelling documentary film The Bases Are Loaded directed by Jeffrey Nagel. The film is available at filmbaby.com and www.thebasesareloaded.com for $21.95.

In The Bases Are Loaded Baseball Hall of Fame legend Monte Irvin returns to Cuba to reunite with former teammate and Cuban baseball icon Connie Marrero after a 50-year separation. The journey reveals the cultural, social, and political complexities of Cuban baseball and America’s relationship with the island nation, while highlighting their unique friendship. The film offers viewers an exclusive opportunity to experience Cuba and its thriving baseball culture in a documentary that appeals to baseball fans and Cuba enthusiasts alike.

“Before watching The Bases are Loaded I never entertained any thoughts about visiting Cuba,” says Sports Writer Tom Keegan (Lawrence World Journal & ESPN Radio) “Now I would love to go there to see baseball in its purest form. It seems major league ballparks now do everything they can to bombard your senses, to distract you from the game being played on the field, in Cuba it’s all about the game.

“I was covering baseball for the New York Post when ballplayers went to work after 9/11 and there’s no question the Yankees and the Mets had tremendous healing power for the city of New York,” continues Keegan. “After watching The Bases are Loaded, I’m convinced baseball could have a similar healing effect on the strained relationship between the US and Cuba, if only the two governments would allow that to happen. It is a compelling film.”

Director Jeffrey Nagel has a family history steeped in baseball -- two of his great uncles Gene and Bill Lillard played for the San Francisco Seals in the Pacific Coast League with Joe Dimaggio before moving east to play with the Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Athletics respectively.  This, along with a passion for travel, inspired the director to capture a trip to Cuba on camera. When Baseball Hall of Fame legend Monte Irvin joined the travel group, the story of The Bases Are Loaded was born. Nagel’s still photographs are featured in The Bases Are Loaded and a collection of Cuba photos is a companion piece to the film.

The film features music by regional Cuban musicians, as well as artists who have been inspired by the Caribbean beat. Nagel also found a wealth of Cuban talent and influence in the Los Angeles and New York Cuban music scene.

For additional information, please visit www.thebasesareloaded.com.