NYC (Bronx)

Yankee Stadium
Location: 161st St. and River Avenue, Bronx, N.Y.

Opened:April 18, 1923
First night game: May 28, 1946

On February 6, 1921, the Yankees issued a press release to announce the purchase of 10 acres of property in the west Bronx. The land, purchased from the estate of William Waldorf Astor for $675,000, sat directly across the Harlem River from the Yankees' current Manhattan home, the Polo Grounds, which they shared unhappily with the landlord Giants of the National League since 1913. In only 284 working days, Yankee Stadium was ready for its inaugural game on April 18, 1923 vs. the Boston Red Sox.
Officially, 74,200 fans packed Yankee Stadium for their first glimpse of Baseball's grandest facility.

Yankee Stadium also hosted a number of Negro League baseball games including a 1930 series between the Homestead Grays and the Lincoln Giants.  The stadium also served as home field to the New York Black Yankees.