Municipal Stadium
Location: 274 E. Memorial Blvd., Hagerstown, MD.

Municipal Stadium also used to host Negro League games and was the site of Mays, Howard - Willie' first pro-ball appearance in 1950; there are historical plaques around the concourse.

It dates from 1931, and though it is showing its age around the restrooms and such (and is constantly rumored to be in danger of replacement), it has some period touches that are uniquely minor-league, particularly the manually operated scoreboard out in left field.

Now home to the Minor League HAGERSTOWN SUNS.Municipal Stadium boasts the honor of being one of the three oldest Minor League baseball stadiums in the country.

From 1915-1929, Hagerstown's minor league teams played at Willow Lane Park, where Bester Elementary School is now located. When the city made the decision to build the school, the need for a new stadium was urgent. The Field and Athletic Association was created to find land and build a stadium. The organization struck a deal with the city, leasing a tract of land for 99 years at $1 per year. Municipal Stadium was quickly built on the land in a mere six weeks, just in time for the first home game on May 8th, 1930. Since then, the stadium has undergone two major renovations.

The first took place in 1981, when Minor League baseball returned to Hagerstown after a 26-year absence from the city. About $546,000 was put into the stadium overhaul, which included the installation of a public address system, stadium lights, underground electricity, and new seats and bleachers.

In 1995, $500,000 worth of improvements to the stadium were made, such as the installation of new seats, and upgrading the VIP section to include cup holders. The Sunset Grille and bar area was also added at this time. The stadium is still used today for the all of the Suns home games.